Saving Manufacturers Millions

NDR has recovered over $200 MILLION of Post Audit Claims


Post Audit Claims Procedure Manual

NOW for the FIRST time, NDR's successful cash recovery program is available in the form of a comprehensive Post Audit Claims Procedure Manual.

The manual is intended to educate and assist any manufacturer who is currently a target for invalid deductions. The manual will also help manufacturers identify grey areas and misinterpretations within their corporate policies, hence reducing future audit exposure and strengthening business relationships with retail customers.

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Training and Consultation

If you don’t address Post Audit Claims, you are a target for them.

If Post Audit Claims are a result of weak sales documentation, then every piece of paper presented to your customer today has the ability to generate a Post Audit Claim tomorrow. Your customers are allowed to deduct for allowances missed in the current year as well as the previous 2 year period*.  Since many manufacturers do not operate in a Dead Net environment, Post Audit Claims will never cease to exist.

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Post Audit Claims On or Off-site

As a credit professional, time is not always on your side when it comes to Post Audit Claims

Effectively and efficiently researching a Post Audit Claim takes considerable time away from your everyday responsibilities. Internal costs have escalated due to the rising labour costs associated in reconciling each claim.

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