Saving Manufacturers Millions

Stop losing millions through invalid deductions on promotional dollars


NDR is very proud of the more than $200 MILLION we have recovered for our clients.
Following are some of the accolades we have received over the years:

Scott Paper Ltd. (Kruger Products L.P.)

NDR initiated work with Scott Paper Ltd. and within a short period of time they identified and recovered a significant portion of the invalid claims. The invalid portions were repaid promptly and without incident.

The existing contact with third party audit firms, previous communication on behalf of other organizations and the professionalism NDR used in collecting invalid claims has required very little intervention and enabled our Credit Department to concentrate on core issues.

The recovery of monies has had a very positive financial impact on our bottom line and NDR has helped to implement recommendations to store and process historical Sales and Account Receivable data.

Confidentiality, professionalism and quick positive results have warranted and ongoing contract with NDR to resolve current and future prior year audit claims.

Beth N.

E.D. Smith & Sons Ltd.

NDR has recovered a substantial amount of money relating to invalid post audit claims for E.D. Smith & Sons Ltd. since 2005.

The reason we contacted them was that we were lacking in resources to properly manage the review and collection of post audit claims and heard about their success rate and we have been very pleased with their results.

When they come on site, you don’t even know they are there. They fit into the environment and are very self-sufficient. We literally hand over the claims and let them do their thing. It’s quite clear they are the experts in this field and even if I wanted to provide the resources to this task, I would leave it to NDR. They have the contacts within this industry to successfully work these claims.

Linda K.

A. Lassonde Inc.

We at A. Lassonde Inc. engaged NDR to find out why we were targeted with invalid claims and audits. NDR were able to bring us up to speed very quickly on our weaknesses. They passed on their expertise through a set of recommendations to strengthen our internal paperwork and working habits to reduce and facilitate the treatment of claims and audits. They also did presentations to our Sales Team. We take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and support.

Jo-Ann D.

General Mills Canada

General Mills Canada engaged the services of National Deduction Recovery Inc. in Feb. 2009 to help improve the validation of Post Audit Claims, as well as uncover areas of opportunity to mitigate them from happening in the future.

We have been very pleased with their approach and they have allowed us to free up resources dedicated to this time-consuming process.

We have found them to be very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. They are extremely proficient in dealing with various functions in our company, particularly our Sales function.

Alexander B.

Effem Inc. (Mars)

Cheryl and Jayne were quick to familiarize themselves on both our new and old systems at Effem Inc. to begin working on audits and secure repayments. Their approach was professional, thorough, results oriented and they had a solid understanding of our customer relationships to maintain complete integrity to those relationships. They are well networked and experienced resulting in expeditious and accurate work.

Our expectations were surpassed on the amount recovered. In addition, we now have a set of recommendations to strengthen our process to reduce incoming issues. We would highly recommend their services to any company needing help with clearing outstanding audits or deductions.

Lisa B.

Kellogg's Canada

We have found NDR to be experienced, qualified and professional when dealing with our customers. The results have been excellent.

NDR has proven to be an asset to Kellogg Canada Inc. and I would highly recommend them.

Lise R.

Campbells Company of Canada

Jayne is highly professional, thorough, and results oriented and displays a solid understanding of our customer relationships and maintained complete integrity to those relationships. She utilized pre-existing networks along with engaging our internal customer teams toward resolution of aged and current audits and also provided recommendations to strengthen our process to reduce incoming issues.

We highly recommend NDR to any company needing assistance in proactively managing prior year claim audits or deductions.

Paul T.

Pepsi-Quaker Tropicana Gatorade Canada

Since 2003, Pepsi-Quaker Tropicana Gatorade Canada has benefited, leveraged and learned from NDR’s experience and has received an excellent return on our investment in working with them. I would gladly endorse and recommend their services to others.

Todd T.

ConAgra Foods

ConAgra Foods has been very pleased with the results achieved by NDR. They have brought successful closure to many of our Post Audits and continue to assist us with process improvements to help minimize future Post Audits.

We have found NDR to be a very professional, efficient and effective recovery group. I would gladly recommend using their services.

Angela I.

S.C. Johnson and Son Ltd.

Due to relatively new staff and a new departmental structure at S.C. Johnson and Son Ltd., we experienced being overwhelmed by outstanding deduction and audit issues.

We were hesitant to bring in a contractor but our decision to hire NDR was the right one. We found them to be professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Very little training was needed to familiarize them with our system and processes.

We recommend their services to anyone facing the enormous task of investigating audits or clearing outstanding deductions.

T. V.

Smuckers Foods of Canada Corp

Since Oct. 2006, Smuckers Foods of Canada Corp has been very pleased with the results to our outstanding post audit issues with various customers. NDR brought successful closure to the majority of the audits and helped us put plans and processes in place to help minimize future post audits. We found them to be very professional, knowledgeable and thorough.

Mike T.

Warner-Lambert Canada Inc.

I hesitated to hire an outside firm. Within a very brief time, NDR was using the system at Warner-Lambert Canada Inc. to check information, understood the accounting process and were able to substantiate claims expediently. The results were:

  • 92.8 Invalid rate on dollars claimed by customers
  • 8 day average turnaround time from request of payment
  • 69% recovery on claim repayment request

The results coupled with professionalism, flexibility and excellent communication skills towards both our internal staff and valued customers has given me the comfort level I needed to be able to concentrate on other credit issues.

It is without hesitation I recommend NDR for any post audit or deduction issues plaguing our industry today.

Monique C.

Johnson-Johnson Distribution

NDR has been successful at collecting invalid claims as well as reducing the reoccurrence of these claims. Very little intervention was required on our part.

Confidentiality, professionalism, along with repayment results for invalid claims have resulted in our ongoing contract with NDR to resolve Johnson-Johnson Distribution post audit claims. I would not hesitate to recommend NDR to any company experiencing similar post audit deductions.

Megan S.

C.B. Powell Ltd

C.B. Powell Ltd, Canadian Food Brokers, employed NDR the tedious and time consuming job of clearing outstanding audits with various companies. Our audits have been entirely cleaned up which was done in a swift and professional manner.

I do not hesitate to recommend NDR for any of your company’s needs. Pleasurable, intelligent and result oriented are just a few of their qualities.


Ralston Purina Canada Inc

NDR quickly caught on to understanding the workings of Ralston Purina Canada Inc.’s computer reports, and did a thorough investigation of these audits. Their analysis and reporting procedures were of such a standard, that payment for the invalid portions of the audit was paid back within 2 weeks of delivering a letter with their findings to the customer.  We highly recommend NDR for audit work, or any capacity within the credit field.

Lisa M.