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Stop losing millions through invalid deductions on promotional dollars


National Deduction Recovery Inc. has reconciled and recovered over $200 MILLION of Post Audit Claims for their manufacturing clients.

As an industry leader for over 15 years, NDR is frequently sought out for speaking engagements, including presentations to Equifax, FCPC, and the Food Industry Credit Bureau. NDR’s publications include an article in the Credit Institute of Canada’s June 2012 Newsletter as well as in the February issue of Food In Canada magazine.

Both Cheryl Pomerantz, Director of NDR and Jayne Arvanitis, Manager of Commercial Claims posses strong backgrounds in economics, accounting and credit and collections.

"It is our strong belief that the weaknesses in sales documentation leads to the generation of Post Audit Claims, hence, every document issued by your sales department today has the ability to generate a Post Audit Claim tomorrow." This is why NDR has introduced the FIRST Post Audit Claim Procedural Training Manual. This is a MUST have for manufacturers looking to reduce their exposure to increasing volumes of invalid trade deductions.

The 300 page manual offers clients a complete, easy-to-follow, field-proven system that includes a step-by-step process on how to reconcile and recover over 15 different types of Post Audit Claims, sample letters to send to your customers detailing the reasons the audits or portions thereof are invalid, tips and tools designed to lower your corporate exposure towards future audit deductions, and a section dedicated specifically to business best practices, sales and document retention.

NDR’s services include:

  • Post Audit Claims Procedure Manual
  • Onsite or offsite reconciliation and recovery of Post Audit Claims
  • Consultation and analysis of sales documents
  • Deduction Management and Post Audit Claims Policy & Procedure training sessions.

Contact NDR today to order your manual or discuss additional services at or call 416-879-1824.

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