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NDR has recovered over $200 MILLION of Post Audit Claims


Post Audit Claims Procedure Manual

NOW for the FIRST time, NDR's successful cash recovery program is available in the form of a comprehensive Post Audit Claims Procedure Manual.

Featuring easy-to-follow, step-by-step reconciliation procedures for 15 types of Post Audit Claims, sample follow-up letters, and deduction & trade spend tracking reports. This manual is a must have for every manufacturer.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • How to recognize a Post Audit Claim from a regular deduction
  • List of  Auditing Customers and Post Audit Claim Prefixes
  • Document Retention and Filing
  • Tips & Tools
  • The Importance of “Pick Sheets”
  • Procedure to follow when a Post Audit Claim is received
  • Categories of Post Audit Claims including AP Review, Deals & Promotions, Logistics, Merchandising, Price and Vendor Rebates
  • Post Audit Claim Follow-up
  • Sales Department information on the most common sales errors that generate Post Audit Claims, sales records, tracking trade spend, price increase notifications, deal sheets, advertising fees and changes in business practices
  • Best practices

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