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NDR has recovered over $200 MILLION of Post Audit Claims


Training and Consultation

If you don’t address Post Audit Claims, you are a target for them.

Any company that does not address Post Audit Claims will definitely create exposure for their company. This indicates to your customer that they may continue to deduct and not run the risk of paying back invalid portions. Hence, your customer has now chosen to use your company’s money to fund their retail expansion and not the banks or even their
own money.

Limit your liability through NDR’s analysis of your sales documentation, vendor agreements, trade spend and deduction processes or let NDR train your staff in Post Audit Claim reconciliation and recovery. Both are proven and successful avenues to reduce your corporate exposure.

It is NDR’s fundamental belief that Post Audit Claims are often generated due to a weakness in Sales documentation…sometimes due to errors in how these documents are filled out, but often due to the differences in your customer’s business policies and those of your own. Once these differences are negotiated, clarified or removed, your company’s exposure to future audits will be reduced dramatically.

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