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through invalid deductions on promotional dollars

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Get the Manual

A complete field-proven system with step by step instructions on how to reconcile and successfully recover money on over 15 types of Post Audit Claims.

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Training & Consultation

NDR will analyze your documents to identify potential audit exposure and train your team on all aspects of Post Audit Claim reconciliation and recovery.

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Audit On or Off-site

If you don’t have the time or resources to deal with Post Audit Claims, NDR can become a very efficient and cost-effective extension to your credit department.

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Welcome to National Deduction Recovery Inc.

National Deduction Recovery Inc. (NDR) is one of North America’s leading industry experts in Post Audit Claims Recovery and Promotional Trade Spend Management.

National estimates of commercial trade deductions currently on the books of Canadian food manufacturers and suppliers are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Invalid claims are both interest-free and penalty-free to your customers, and experience has proven that this often leads to inflated dollar values and increased deduction volumes, overwhelming most credit and customer service departments.

With over 15 years experience, NDR has reconciled and recovered in excess of $200 MILLION for manufacturers based on over deducted sales allowances by their retail customers.

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